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to the Tale
of Lika

We are the Temple of Lika, but who is this mysterious Lika that we honour? From what far off lands does She hail? What the hell is a Lika?! 


Well, like all the magnificent creatures that have captured the human imagination, Lika can be found in unexpected places and abstract spaces: on the edge of an idea, or a dream just after you awaken that slips away from you the more you try to grab it with your sticky metaphorical fingers.


Since time immemorial people have built great monuments to honour Her: unconfirmed reports from clandestine archaeological expeditions tell of a golden statue that once sat atop a squirting fountain so high and wide its droplets bathed the heads of the citizens across the now long lost city surrounding it; ancient myths describe playful dungeons that She presided over, filled with mythical beasts and all manner of erotic contraptions; and rumours abound of lavish artworks depicting Her libidinous adventures covering the walls of caverns so dark and deep only the most intrepid of explorers dare to enter.


Majestic and enigmatic, some who claim to have seen Her describe an androgynous chiselling of the cheeks and an inscrutable gaze; others insist the voluptuous curves indicate a female and although none have ever managed to count the exact number of breasts we are certain of at least more than two. Nonetheless Kinky Scholars from prestigious institutions continue to debate her true gender for Her shapeshifting form embodies both masculine and feminine spirits. What is certain is that Her delicate paws and long, sinuous tail evoke the indecipherable moods of a feline who will not be tamed. 


Brilliantly illuminated from within, Lika is a supernova that never says die; a beacon, seducing wide-eyed sailors on the cosmic sea of life, drawn to her like naked hippies to the flames on burn night. For who would not want to catch a peek of her alluring form and, if they are very lucky, indulge in her playful company? 


Mischievous and curious she will tickle you pink (literally and metaphorically, did we mention that tail?!) and tantalise your senses til you burst with delight like a ripe, juicy plum. But don’t let her care-free nature deceive you, for she is also a wellspring of wisdom, a guide for those wishing to discover the strength that awaits us in our vulnerability, a reminder that life can be a jubilant and hedonistic adventure if you choose it to be. 


So embrace the wild child within and come frolic with Lika in mystical lands where decadent and debaucherous festivities await you.

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