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Camp Agreement

We aim to have a good and healthy time as a camp family. Therefor we agreed on some basic things:

Our camp consists of the effort of our members and the 10+2 principles. Click here for more info about the principles: 

That means:

  • Identifying the sexpositive, queer playful Lika spirit and helping to bring it to others.

  • Each member will contribute actively with at least shifts or standing up for a lead position at events.

  • Everyone has to participate in build or strike, better both.

  • To coordinate our camp it’s highly desired to attend the online camp calls.

  • Join and use our slack to communicate apart from this.

  • Read the camp hints and the survival guide before the event.

  • Contribute to the preparation! We will have to buy, build, and bring a lot to our next event in Spain. We need active hands for this.

  • Pay your camp fee till the deadline.

  • Attend the daily camp morning circle during the stay.

  • Be part of the solution- you encounter some problems at the camp? MOOP, Consent, hands needed…

  • Try to be a good campmate but make sure you don’t go beyond your limits!

Our camp serves to give something back to the community. We are artists and lovers of life and envision together. This is NOT a plug and play camp. If you expect everything to be provided for you, this is not the camp for you. We have a ton of cool camp stuff and we love providing the comforts of home to our camp family - but we promise nothing. This is the playa and anything can happen despite our hard work. That is part of the fun and transformative nature of Burns. 


Have a good time with the Lika- Crew 🎉

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