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Going Nowhere

Personal Growth, Community Establishment

 & Passionate Experiences

Communal Spaces:
- a large communal playroom (our temple of sacred sex)
- large rainproof shadestructure with an additional dancefloor and beds to rest

- an art car (Betty the Beast)

- an Absinth Bar

- Rooftop Terrace with future Shibarrio

Personal Camp Spaces:
- Huge rainproof kitchen tent
- Seated & Shaded eating spot
- Showers (Possibly with pressure)
- Spa Area

- Enlightened Walking Paths


During day we are available as a workshop space and as a playroom during night. The playroom will offer experience zones including toys, massage areas and intimate spaces as well as massive decoration in a temple style.



Playroom & Workshop Tent



Dancefloor & Chill Zone

Art Car Betty

Shibarrio Rooftop


Shaded Seating with Night lights


Performance Art

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