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Welcome to our camp, a family of creatives, curators, and educators. This is not your typical plug-and-play camp; instead, it's a tribe that envisions together and creates a safe space for personal exploration. If you're self-reliant and eager to contribute to our vision, this is the perfect camp for you.

The "Temple Of Lika" has become our home in both the default and burner world. We are dedicated to crafting an authentic and loving space where we overcome shame, cultivate a consent culture, experience new things, and feel energized, not just for ourselves but for all our visitors. Our primary focus is to spread as much consent culture as possible in a loving and caring environment. Through workshops, performance art, an opulent sensual and erotic space, and dancing into trance, we aim to create a transformative experience.

Our opulent space welcomes sensual, sexual, and kinky play of all kinds. We extend our invitation to all bodies, sexual orientations, loves, and lovers—everyone is welcome, included, and cherished, whether you come as a visitor, guest, or member.

Formerly known as the "Temple of Kali", she served as our guiding icon. However, we have now moved on in the creative field to create something new—an icon that embodies our core values, named "Lika". Every single person is the inspiration for our world, and we hope to connect with you in your full presence.




We want to establish more consent in interpersonal actions, and create an inclusive space, where everyone feels safe.


We host an authentic loving space, where you can be as you are, where you don’t have to feel ashamed, where you can experience something new and were you get nurtured.

We are a burner family, and we build our home together, with fun for us and others.

“Temple of Lika” is an opulent erotic paradise for sensual, sexual, and kinky play activities. We are hosting workshops, art and dance performances.


We invite all bodies, all sexual orientations, and we respect different concepts of love and sexuality – feel welcome, included, and cherished!

Be our visitor, guest, or member. We see you in your full presence and hope to connect, because every single creature is an inspiration for our world.

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