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Step into our sensual journey, where performance art, workshops, ecstatic music and a uniquely dreamy atmosphere converge. It's a sanctuary where you're encouraged to explore intimacy, embrace openness, and unleash your wild side. At our temple, we extend a warm invitation to individuals of all body types and sexual orientations. We honor and celebrate diverse expressions of love and sexuality, ensuring everyone feels welcome, included, and cherished.

📍 Berlin (Treptow-Köpenick)

⏰ 25.05.2024 Doors: 5.30PM-10PM until 6AM (Please arrive until 10pm!!!)

🎟️ Only 200 Tickets. There will be NO tickets available at the entrance. 
Join our telegram group for updating info:  Join_Telegram_Here

Location: Berlin (Secret Location / Revealed to all ticket holders). 
Nearest S-Bahn Station Baumschulenweg (Spreepark)

Arrival: Saturday (Gate Opens at 5.30PM and closes at 10PM)

Language: English / Germa

Pricing info: Registration entails a €49 fee covering venue, equipment, decorations, and other essentials, while our team volunteers their time. As a non-commercial, volunteer-driven community, proceeds directly contribute to event materials, workshop utilities, and transportation expenses.

🤝Helper & Volunteer ticket:

If the ticket price presents a challenge for you, yet you're eager to lend a helping hand onsite for a few hours, please reach out to us at: Your support is invaluable to us.

Accessibility: Expect loud music and intermittent noise during the night and select workshops. The venue features multiple staircases; however, we're happy to assist. Please reach out if you require support or intend to bring a personal care assistant.

Sexuality: Embraced during certain parts of the program and in our playroom, but never obligatory.

Nudity: Our playroom may involve nudity.​

Mental health: Some activities may deeply impact you, potentially resonating beyond the event. If you're uncertain about your ability to cope during or after such experiences, have existing mental health concerns, or carry significant trauma, please inform us upon registration. We'll connect with you to discuss your needs and determine if this event aligns with your current circumstances.


Telegram channel: @

Facebook event: 

Please Note:
that this is a no-shoe event! Please bring socks or slippers 👣

Bring your personal cup. 🍷

Music is an integral part of the Lika experience and flow, and for this day and night you will be treated with the most deliciously, juicy and sexy vibes by our amazing Lika Djs. 

We are kicking off the night with an Ecstatic Dance Opening 💃🕺

Downtempo / Playa House / Slowgroove / Tribal / House / Techno / Ethno House / Afro House / Melodic Techno

Consent Workshops (Beginner & Advanced) / Mingle Games / s+ Workshops / Ecstatic Dance / Performance Art / Sword Dance / Fruit servants / and more to be announced soon…

And our unforgettable master piece of a highly detailed playroom with a ceremony to unite and ignite within a curated orgy.

take a look at our workshop & activity overview here: 

You can express yourself freely with your choice of a creative and sexy outfit.
Please note that this is not the space to wear your daily clothing! 

This event will take place without shoes 👣.
So bring yourself a good pair of socks,house slipperss or be prepared to walk barefoot. 

For more inspiration please click our Moodboard CLICK_HERE

This is an invite-only event. We want to make this a great time for all of us, and create a safer space. Therefore, we want to make sure, that all our guests are known by someone we trust. If we do have the feeling that someone may not fit, we reserve the right to deny the access.

All participants will be know or interviewed with a buddy from the temple upon arrival. 

We offer playroom wardens to secure a safer experience to our guests. Please reach out to our space holders, when in need. We will also keep an eye out for you. 

Consent is key. At all of our events we take consent seriously. Please connect & interact with people only if they are up for it. During our workshops it is highly appreciated to visit our consent awareness training before the night starts. Please respect each other‘s boundaries and be mindful while interacting. Everyone has their own way of expressing love and intimacy. Please use words and a clear language to tell what you like and what not. You are responsible for your and your partner‘s wellbeing. We do have temple wardens (consent angels) to talk to. These are trained to help you immediately in all cases of consent violations or get in touch regarding your questions and share thoughts.

It is also okay to not participate in sexual play and have a good time.

Please be aware that other people are in the room and respect their boundaries. Therefore, our open spaces are not the place for hardcore BDSM or impact play.


1) that consent must be explicitly granted from an individual of a clear state of mind and able to grant it.
2) that breach of consent will ban ME from the venue and future Temple Of Lika events.

3) your ticket is only for you individually and can not be transferred to another person. Please write your full legal name when purchasing your ticket! We will check the ID at the door.

The common fear of feeling disconnected among event participants is understandable. Here are two approaches to consider:

  1. Focusing solely on those we're most attracted to can heighten the stakes. While pursuing connections with specific individuals is valid, it may lead to feelings of loneliness if unsuccessful. Instead, embracing diverse connections opens up avenues for authentic interactions and meaningful experiences.

  2. The event's setup facilitates connections through structured exercises, offering opportunities to engage with others in various ways. Participation in these exercises can lead to new connections, regardless of sexual energy or attraction. Boundaries are respected, ensuring comfort and safety for all participants.

Overall, the event emphasizes human connection in its broadest sense. Tools and support will be provided to navigate diverse needs, boundaries, and desires, fostering personal growth beyond the event itself.

Connection games by the organizer:
A "Truth or Dare" game lounge, and an activity corner where you can win prizes with others together. The workshops are also great for meeting new people and creating amazing connections.

It's quite common for someone to desire something from you that you're not inclined to fulfill. Throughout the event, we place emphasis on the importance of asserting boundaries and practicing the art of saying no.

Temple Wardens:
Our temple warden crews, identifiable by their distinctive red cloaks, are strategically stationed around the venue to assist you in navigating these situations and offer support when needed. They are there to ensure everyone feels respected and comfortable throughout the event.

This is a space that embraces diversity and encourages individuals to express themselves authentically, regardless of whether their identities or expressions align with societal norms. We welcome those whose bodies, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or ways of living and loving fall outside conventional standards.

However, it's important to note that this is not exclusively a queer space nor is it centered solely around queer experiences. While we recognize the value of such spaces, our aim is inclusivity. We extend a warm welcome to everyone, without discrimination based on privilege or conformity to societal norms. Our goal is to create an environment where all individuals feel accepted and respected.

Our temple will be holded by experienced space holders and temple wardens, during the whole event hours. If you want to report a consent case, please file a report online with the Consent team at Temple of Lika

Incident reports are dealt with confidentiality


The goal of this form is to collect facts;
named or anonymously and have a larger view on what's happening onsite. In that way we can
improve our efforts and actions i future events.  

Please scan this QR Code to open a fillable form to submit your report.

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