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Temple of Kali is an opulent space for sensual, sexual and kinky play of all kinds.
It is your place to get intimate and wild, to enjoy a massage or a spanking, to be vanilla or kinky, to connect deeply or to have a quicky. Expect open hearts, respectful encounters and a crazy amount of pleasure and joy! We invite all bodies, all sexual orientations, all loves and all lovers – feel welcome, included and cherished!


Please find our Workshop and Retreat overview in the following descriptions. The program is always developing and growing constantly



Reconnect Retreat

The Kinky Reconnect Retreat opens up the doors for mainly for the camp members and invited guests. This is our home base to create meaningful and deeper connections together.

Reconnect through ritualistic magic with the grace of your inner self and get in touch lovingly with the humans next to you! Through intimate exercises in a trustworthy environment we will build up an alliance of playfulness for this evening where we can learn, inspire and heal each other. 


By using basic techniques of BDSM we stimulate our bodies to come out of comfort zones and develop space for exploring our needs, wishes, desires and for freeing ourselves from expectations in order to surrender fully into the present moment of lust and pleasure. 



Breathwork is becoming increasingly popular for a good reason. It helps us connect to and feel what‘s going on in our body by giving our busy heads a break from controlling everything that goes on inside of us. This can be achieved with a wide range of techniques such as Yogic breathwork (Pranayama), the Wim Hof method, to the deeper methods of Shamanic- Holotropic and rebirthing breathwork.


This is a soundguided workshop with inspiration drawn from Rebirthing and Holotropic breathwork.


Who is this for:

New or experienced within breathwork. Conscious breathing has a wide range of benefits, it can be used for awakening personal and professional creative energy. Letting go of fear, anxiety and pain. Or simply give you a better understanding of your physical and mental being. For some participants it can be compared to a psychedelic journey.

Temple Of Kali Night


Our camp is providing an orgy scenario and performance night at our temple. It starts with the search for the „white swan“. This is a participant totally new to orgies, who has a strong sexual energy. She is transported on our art car and watches the fire blessing without knowing what comes next. 


The camp is dressed up in priestly attire and walks slowly around the playa to gather the participants while calling the „Kali“. 


In front of the temple we are administering a fire blessing show followed by a washing ceremony of the white swan where we ceremonially pour warm water over her naked body, before guiding her into our temple. After this, we invite gathered people in who are eager to participate.


In the Temple we hold the space with fragranced steam and guide the participants into the mood with a wish ceremony (including the magic potion!) followed by guidance through a tantric sensual massage. 


During the orgy, the camp members carefully look after the participants, play music (own DJ) and hand over refreshments & hygienic products. 


The consent part takes place before the orgy at our consent workshop times. We only allow orgy entrance when one has visited our consent workshop. As proof we handover the „Coin Of Consent“. A medal gift. 

Liquid Love

We are pleased to be your humble hosts and kindly invite you to the one-of-a-kind experience of liquid love. We would love to offer a retreat of non-verbal and sensual group reconnection in a warm bath of fine olive oil, where you will be able to playfully explore your sense of touch while being blindfolded. Be aware that this is a truly consensual group experience in a non-penetrative space. We will hold this space for you and introduce specific consent related topics and forms of non-verbal communication before the session.


Any curious creature is invited to get in touch with us beforehand. Feel free to ask any questions.


Consent Workshop

& Lessons

Consent is the cornerstone of a healthy community. It’s simple: whether it’s a potential sexual encounter, physical touch of any kind, something requiring permission that will alter the experience of another person, or involves the recording of someone’s image or voice, you are responsible for getting verbal consent before engaging. It is neither ethical nor acceptable to proceed without that person’s awareness and clear consent.


As the 11th Principle is consent, it extends beyond intimacy and encompasses many aspects. 


During burns we offer daily consent workshops to ensure our space is shared wisely. After you have visited our workshop, you will receive the Coin Of Consent as a proof. The entrance for all orgies is only given with the Coin Of Consent.


Genital Art

You are art!. In a playful workshop we would love to give you the opportunity to create a genital print. This unique art piece will be presented to you as a gift, after the genital print vernissage. The procedure takes only 5 minutes and we help you clean after the print process.


Women & Men Circles

We aim to create a community that appears all year around. During our men & women circles, participants can express themselves freely while learning from each others. We build and co-create a whole-day program by open talks, workshop lessons and interactive guided experiences.



Feel your energy and express your deepest wishes, desires and boundaries freely. We'll begin with an Osho-inspired Kundalini energy practice, continued by sensitizing your body and feel and sublimate your sexual energy and recognize your creative energy. Including after care


BDSM Weddings

A chance for couples to express their BDSM lifestyle, friendship or sexual connection in a public ceremony. With Spanky as the master of ceremony, live music, BDSM vows, and a final partner spank. Participants are to register: there is space for five couples or triples! Looking for some live performers as well for the introductory march and closing: singers, musicians etc.


Erotic Spanking

Impact "Spanking" play workshop: an introductory to advanced walk through Impact play psychology & techniques. A review of the different whips and the different target body parts that make spanking such a staple of the BDSM scene. How to release endorphins and reach trance-like mental "subspace".



Type C Fibres

A specialized system of highly sensitive mechanoreceptors connected with CT afferents. Say what?? In other words, discover the power of slow gentle touch and become aware of the importance of stroking, embracing, caressing. Deep sensations will travel through your body and produce positive emotional feelings (under certain circumstances even very sensual feelings). Let's share and spread this magic!

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